Greetings, fellow history enthusiasts and wargamers! As we embark on the inaugural season of the Tabletop Historian’s Blog, I am thrilled to unveil our theme for Season One on the anniversary of Caesar’s assassination: the Caesarian Civil Wars. These conflicts, spanning from 49 BC to 45 BC, represent a crucial epoch in the annals of ancient warfare.

Welcome to a unique adventure with the Tabletop Historian, where our approach to exploring history mimics the format of a serialised show. Each season, including our upcoming one on the Caesarian Civil Wars, is crafted to focus on a specific set of historical events, unfolding them in a narrative arc. Imagine each blog post as an episode, adding to the overall narrative of the period. We’ll start with the origins and background, and as the season progresses, we’ll explore key battles, personalities, and political intrigues, each entry building upon the last, culminating in a season finale that concludes the current saga. This format allows us to provide a comprehensive, immersive, and continuous exploration of historical themes, perfect for both avid history buffs and enthusiastic wargamers alike.

Why the Caesarian Civil Wars?

The Caesarian Civil Wars, primarily involving Julius Caesar and the Roman Senate’s forces, offer a rich canvas for any historian or wargamer. This period is replete with diverse military tactics, political intrigue, and the monumental reshaping of Roman governance and society. As we delve into this era, we’ll explore the multifaceted nature of these conflicts – from the iconic battlefields to the intricate political machinations that underpinned them.

What to Expect This Season

Our expedition will take you back to the tumultuous last days of the Roman Republic, providing an in-depth look at the campaigns, battles, and leaders that shaped the Caesarian Civil Wars. Posts will combine historical insights with practical tips for bringing these monumental events to your tabletop.

  • In-depth Analyses: Delve into legendary clashes such as the Battle of Pharsalus, where we’ll dissect tactics, troop movements, and the broader historical narrative.
  • Miniature Guides: Find guides on modelling and painting miniatures to represent the legions of Caesar, the forces of the Senate, and their allies accurately.
  • Battle Scenarios: We’ll craft custom scenarios for you to recreate on your tabletop, complete with strategic maps, objectives, and historical insights.
  • Leader Profiles: Get acquainted with key figures like Julius Caesar, Pompey the Great, and Cato the Younger, understanding their strategies, motivations, and legacies.
  • Reader Interactions: Your contributions are vital. Share your battle recreations, painting techniques, and perspectives on these historic events! If you are interested in contributing by writing an article please contact us at:

Why It Matters

The Caesarian Civil Wars are more than a sequence of military engagements; they symbolise a significant transformation in ancient political and military thought. By exploring this theme, we not only revisit critical historical events but also gain a deeper appreciation for leadership, strategy, and the human aspect of conflict.

Join the Adventure
I invite you to be an active participant in this fascinating journey. Whether you’re an experienced wargamer, an aspiring historian, or simply intrigued by ancient history, there’s something in store for everyone. Let’s animate history on our tabletops, learning and enjoying the process together.

Stay tuned for our first post, where we’ll delve into the origins of the Caesarian Civil Wars and set the stage for our first tabletop scenario. Until then, keep your dice rolling and your miniatures battle-ready!

The Tabletop Historian